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16-17 GYATSO Promo Video 2021

16-17 GYATSO Promo Video 2021


The promotional video trailer as part of the first release of the massive production of the pioneering industrial punk jazz group 16-17. The production was recorded in 1994 and was first released on CD on Kevin Martin's (aka The Bug) Pathological label.

The vinyl version was released by the Berlin Praxis label in February 2021.

Video direction and editing: Roger Graf Musik 16-17: Alex Buess (saxes and electonics).

Markus Kneubühler (guitar and synthesizers), Knut Remond (drums). Guests: G.C. Green of Godflesh (bass), Kevin Martin (samples) More informations here.


Video direction, editing and processing: Roger Graf, music: 16-17

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