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CORTEX MIT STELARC @ Jolt Festival, Trailer 2011/2021

That’s the promotional video trailer for a unique live performance by Cortex in a project with Stelarc and his Extended Arm. This video was recorded during the live performance at the Jolt Festival 2011 on 11/11/2011 (!). It documents one of the rather rare concerts by Cortex - here in the line-up: Alex Buess (electronics and sax) Daniel Buess (electronics and drums) and Damian Bennet of Khost and 16-17 (bass) together with Stelarc! in addition to the action with his extended version Arm-object he also contributed a lot to the live sound of the group. The music for this video is available, but only as a digital release on Bandcamp via the Praxis label.

Video direction and editing: Roger Graf, camera: Christoph Fringeli, music: Cortex and Stelarc.

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