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16-17 Pandemic Wargames Remixes, Trailer 2020

Here is the promotional video trailer for the Pandemic Wargames Remixes, which were released on the Praxis Label, Berlin, in August 2020. The basic material for these remixes comes from the Vinyl LP 16-17 "Phantom Limb", which was released in January 2020 on the Vienna Trost label and contains music that has not been released before. More information here and here. Video direction and editing: Roger Graf, music: 16-17 in the new line-up: Alex Buess (saxes and electonics), Damian Bennett von Khost (bass), Michael Wertmüller from Full Blast ( Drums) Guests: Eugene S. Robinson (voice and lyrics) Kasia Meow (voice) Roger Graf (guitars) and Daniel Buess (drums).

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