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Beware Of The Agent B. Trailer 2021

The pilot film for the film.


The movie time: a fictional time in the fairly near future ...
A "worst case scenario", an extrapolation of the highly questionable developments of this time: corruption, mass psychosis due to absolutely excessive information politics, massive media abuse and an extremely questionable digitization of all haptics: a virtual "unreal reality" is rampant. Cultural, social, health and ecological values are driven into the abyss by a presumptuous, stupid and inflated, populist politics. Psychogenic mutilation, disorientation, hallucination and disinformation come to the fore to the detriment of instinct and direct experience. The world is administered by corrupt, inflated politicians, tendentious professionals, specialist bodies, statisticians and institutions. A fascism that affects the smallest cells of society is spreading.

In the foreground of the film are four characters who illustrate the state of this world: They are extreme figures who break through the ostensibly normal status: the psychotic, spider-like Agent B., the highly active, polyp-like and extremely dangerous Lady Shine Sin, the "Abyssus" Beggar, who resembles an ultra conflicting, highly aggressive alien fish creature from another world and finally Harpy, the schizoid criminal junky suffering from paranoia who resembles a wounded wild animal: In the cut-up, these four characters form the framework of an excessive and fictional plot.

The film is a documentary drama about an undesirable, inhospitable world, kept on the verge of unreality.

The soundtrack is based on the composition "Phylum" by Alex Buess. The original version of the work was written on behalf of the Lucerne Festival for the 2005 festival and premiered there with the participation of Ensemble Phoenix Basel with Daniel Buess (solo drums and electronics) under the direction of Jürg Henneberger and Cortex.


Director: Roger Graf, music: Alex Buess

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